3D Polyester Acoustic Panels

polyester fiber acoustic panel

I. Description of 3D Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel

100% polyester fibre (PET) is made of high-tech hot-pressing with cocoon cotton to achieve density and diversity.

Polyester acoustic panels is completely safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-irritant .

Pasting directly with spray, hot melt adhesive, glass glue, etc.

II. Features

sound absorbing materials

III. Sound Absorption Performance

reverberation time of acoustic materials

In the range of 125-4000Hz noise, the NRC measurement of 3D polyester acoustic panels can up to 0.9 or more. According to different needs to shorten the adjustment reverberation time, remove the sound impurities, improve sound effects, improve language clarity.

IV. Product Diversity

Architects can piece them together to construct their own end products to their own designs. You can use different colors, different perspectives.

Cube 3D cube acoustic panel

3D- City Lights

Water Cube 3D cube panel

3D- Water Cube

Wave 3D cube acoustic panel

3D-Roaring Waves

Pyramid 3D cube acoustic panel


Fallen leaves 3D polyester fiber acoustic panel

3D-Green Leafs

Little drum 3D Polyester fiber acoustic panel

3D-Little drum

3D polyester fiber acoustic panel have more than 40 kinds of colors and variety of patterns. The surface shape is flat, square(mosaic), wide, thin strips. The plate can be bent into a curved surface. It can make the indoor design more flexible. The PET material can be applied in different kind of office or public area equipment.

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