Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

acoustic sound panels

Baffle ceiling is made from sound absorbing plate of fiberglass wool as basis material and on it compound sprayed fiberglass decorative felt.

It features good sound absorbing effect, heat preservation, high fire retardant, high strength level, beautiful decorative effect, etc. It can improve acoustical environment of building and raise peoples quality of work and living. 

Hanging baffle ceiling is class A fire-rated, can be customized to various colors and sizes. They can be hung vertically or horizontally on the ceiling, reducing excessive reverberation in large space and control the noise.

With light-weight feature, acoustic ceiling baffles will not cause any extra load on the ceiling and roof.

These sound absorbing ceiling are designed to reduce echo in areas such as hospital, meeting room, exhibition hall, cinema, library, studio, gymnasium, phonetic classroom, shopping place, and other high floor deck spaces.

acoustic sheet
hanging acoustical baffles
acoustic cloud
acoustic ceiling tiles
acoustic tiles

Sound preformance:

1. property of noise dropping
Sound absorbing ceiling is one of best sound absorbing materials. The sound absorbing coefficient , NRC of our ceiling is about 1.0 . Sound wave can not produce echo on its surfacing, it can control and adjust effectively the time of reverberation and drop noise and improve timbre.

2.    property of fireproof
It is fireproof level A  ( non-flammable level)

3.   property of heat preservation
The ceiling has good property of heat preservation. If apply to the place where exists air-condition, it can reduce the effect from environment to indoor temperature and save energy source effectively.

4.    property of inhibit bacterium
The property of non-absorbing moisture makes any microbe has no environment and condition to exist and multiply.
5.     property of level
Adapt double-facing fiberglass felt to compound. So it improves its strength and level greatly.