Acoustic Baffles

Acoustic Baffle Ceiling Acoustic baffle ceiling is made from sound absorbing plate of fiberglass wool as basis material and on it compound sprayed fiberglass [...]

3D wall panels

3D Wall Panels I. Description of 3D Polyester fiber acoustic panel Material 100% polyester fibre (PET) is made of high-tech hot-pressing with [...]

sound-absorbing panel

Sound-absorbing fabric panel Sound-absorbing panel can be called fabric acoustic panel, leather acoustic panel, fireproof sound-absorbing panel etc. It is an application of new building materials in modern décor, the [...]

Sound Insulation System

Sound Insulation System 1.T-268 composited sound insulation panel Size: 1210х2430х16mm T-268 composite sound insulation panel double side using different density inorganic material, pressed [...]

Sound Absorber

Sound Absorber Panels Fabric Acoustic Panels Feiye can support you in any projects with a custom fabric acoustic panel [...]

QRD Diffusor

Sound Diffuser Wood Acoustic Panels Sydney sydney-liu Feiye can support you in any projects with a custom mineral wool [...]