Portable Disinfectant Fogger

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Atomization Disinfection Machine

Disinfectant Fogger Machine, It is a machine used to disinfect the entire rooms, especially in the public living areas, school and nursery and so on.

Electrostatic sprayers releases a mist to trap and kill germs. It prevent the common germs spread, keep you sterile in your home or in the office.

Disinfectant Sprayer Machine Features

1. Lightweight, Comfortable design;
2. Simple Operation;
3. Portable, 360 ° no dead angle disinfection;
4. Uniform atomization and good disinfection effect;
5. Disinfection area is about: 1L disinfectant solution can sterilize 2000m³ (1m³ less than 0.01USD) ;
6. The disinfectant solution is easy to purchase and can be purchased at local supermarkets and daily necessities stores.

disinfectant sprayer
disinfectant machine

Disinfectant Machine Power

We have 400 watts, 900 watts, 1500 watts, 3000 watts with output respectively is 6000cuft / min, 10000cu.ff/min, 18000cu.ff/min, 40000 cu.ff/min

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    Disinfectant & Protection Products

    We provide disinfection and protection products to help you protect family, friends, colleagues, etc.

    Effectively filter out at least 95% of airborne particles and liquid contamination.

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