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Glass Partition Wall

glass movable partition

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The unique of our glass movable partition:

1. Glass movable partition is ideal for where total vision is required.

2. Glass movable wall provide noise or thermal insulation, or remove barriers.

3. With an odd number of panels stacking to one side, a single acting movable glass partition is possible versatile functions with swing enter/exit panel(s) options and with flexibility to fully or partially open.

4. Ease of operation to quickly open or close wide openings as no auxiliary track support is needed .

5. Both top supported and floor mounted systems are available for folding glass partition walls.

Our factory will provide you the specific design of the Glass Partition Wall.

* For the height of the place
* The arrangement of the storage cabinet
* The length of the place and the arrange of the panel’s     length
* Detail drawing of the glass wall partitions

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