Hand Sanitizer

Kills germs in just 9 seconds

alcohol hand sanitizer gel

Portable Instant Hand Sanitizers Gel

It keeps your hands germ-free and smell good at home and office.
Protect yourself and families from bacteria.

The bacteriostatic rate is high as 99.9%, and it directly eliminates common bacteria, form the protective layer on the skin.

We supply different hand sanitizers, From $0.9/bottles. Models: 60ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml.
Large capacity to supply, delivery time is 3-7 days.

Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel

1. Kills germs within 9 seconds
2. Lightweight, Comfortable design
3. Small size and carry easily
4. Gentle and non-irritating, water-holding and moisturizing function
5. Quick drying, sterilization 99.9%

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antibacterial hand sanitizer
antiseptic hand gel
sanitizer gel

Disinfectant & Protection Products

We provide disinfection and protection products to help you protect family, friends, colleagues, etc.

Effectively filter out at least 95% of airborne particles and liquid contamination.

N95 Masks Produce Machine Line

Production Line

  • Semi Automatic KN95 Machine | 100-120 pcs/min‎

  • Simple and easy to maintain

  • Delivery time : 15 days after received 50% advanced

  • Packing : use high quality wooden box packing

  • Payment : 50% T/T in advanced as deposit

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