Project Description

Acoustic Insulation Panel

sound proofing panels

1.T-268 acoustic insulation panel

Size: 1210х2430х16mm

T-268 composite acoustic insulation panel double side using different density inorganic material, pressed with polymer impedance rubber, sandwich structure high –pressure composite molding, forming a damping constraint structure, which change the raw material resonance frequency and multiple increase material air sound reduction index and structure sound reduction index.


  1. The acoustic sound insulation panel is inorganic and never burning eco-material.
  2. With high strength board and superior sound transmission loss property, it is the high cost-effective best for large area construction use.

2. T-568 metal acoustic sound insulation panel

Size: 1210х2430х18mm

T-568 metal acoustic sound insulation panel front and back adapt the different density and thickness inorganic material. The core layer is the soft aluminum metal panel, double polymer damping materials free glue high-pressure composite molding.


  1. The corn layer soft aluminum has an obvious isolation characteristic on high frequency and ultra-high frequency.
  2. High density front and back panel has a good sound insulation effect for the low frequency.
  3. Double damping constraint structure produces high efficiency on low frequency and ultra-low frequency transmission.
soundproof panels
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