Project Description

Sound Absorbing Panels

QRD diffusors
TypeSound Absorbing Panels
MaterialRubber solid wood
FinishVarnishes/Mahogany Color
Features1. Sound absorbing panels solid wood diffuser has a significant effect on restoring a sound sense of space and enhancing the hall’s sound quality significantly.
2. Acoustic characteristics of similar material reached the national standard, in conjunction with other sound-absorbing material can effectively improve sound in the small space of the dryness degree, the environment saturation, sharpness and icing.
3. Proliferation of frequency range: 320Hz-3125Hz.
SizeWidth:600mm Length:1200mm/1800mm/2400mm Thickness:158mm
NoteMaterial permitted tolerance: width is 2mm, length of ± 2mm. high 0.5mm
panels for home theater

Eco Grade: E1

Application: Home theater, music hall, opera house, audio-visual room, recording room, entertainment room.