Project Description

fabric wall panels

Fabric Wall Panels

A. Material:

Acoustic fabric wall panels are made from the high quality fiberglass wool covered with the fireproof fabric.

The fabrics on the surface are available in different types and a wide range of colors. Acoustic fabric wall panels are combining high quality acoustic materials and art design, and the panels can be made into different shapes.

B. Features:

High sound absorption coefficient, and has a better sound absorption effect for low, medium and high frequency noise. At the same time it has flame resistant, fireproof, no dust pollution, strong decorative and easy installation.

C. Size

Fabric wrapped acoustic panels standard sizes are 600mm x 600mm x25/50mm, 600mm x 1200mm x25/50mm

D. The shape of the fabric wrapped acoustic panels

There are detail instructions, help you to install.

wall fabric

E. Acoustic Performance of acoustic panel fabric

Sound Absorption Coefficients Reverberation Room Method (Hz)
acoustic fabric sound

G. Scope of Application

1.Studios, rehearsal rooms and more professionally inter space timbre projects.
2.Theaters, indoor gymnasiums, KTV and more performance and entertainment location.
3.Meeting rooms, offices, halls, hotels and more sound absorption and secrecy projects.
4.Air-port, railways, workshops and more noise reduction projects.


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