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Home Theater Wall Soundproofing

Home theater wall soundproofing is referring to the screening discs in the family, build the audio-visual environment similar to the cinema, and enjoy the cinema of audio-visual effect.
Home theater surround wall soundproofing is mainly supplied with acoustic system. But if you have any good audio equipment, light and without a good indoor acoustical environment association, its effect will be not good. So, we must attach importance to the home theater acoustic design and decoration.
home theater design
acoustical home theater
Acoustical Home Theater Room Design
(1) code requirement
“Small theater acoustic design and approval standards” (QB/ZD 01-2013)
Table small theater 500 ~ 1000 Hz reverberation time
 Room capacity≤200 m³200~350 m³350~500m³
reverberation time(s)0.15~0.350.25~0.400.30~0.45
The reverberation time and frequency spectrum characteristics should be within the scope of the standard, intermediate frequency require straight, low frequency can be slightly higher, high frequency can be slightly lower, but it should not exceed the limit.
Table each frequency reverberation time relative to the ratio of 500 ~ 1000 Hz reverberation time
Best Value1.1110.75
“Technical specification of digital stereo cinema” GY/T 183-2002
The ratio of relative reverberation time frequency 500 Hz
(Hz)FrequencyThe reverberation time ratio