Project Description

Acoustical Hotel Room Sound Isolation

Acoustic sound isolation is not only for the comfortable living environment, but also for protecting guests’ privacy as an important design goal in hotel room design. Except for rooms, even for supporting facilities, such as the lobby, meeting rooms, gymnasium, karaoke rooms are all need acoustic design to meet the functional requirements.
acoustical hotel room design standard

Acoustical Home Theater Room Design

(1) code requirement
“Small theater acoustic design and approval standards” (QB/ZD 01-2013)
Table small theater 500 ~ 1000 Hz reverberation time

noise allow level(dB)
Premium Level One Level Two Level Three
Room ≤35 ≤40 ≤45 ≤55
Conference Hall ≤40 ≤45 ≤50
Multi-purpose hall ≤40 ≤45 ≤50 ——
Office ≤45 ≤50 ≤55
Restaurant, Banquet Hall ≤50 ≤55 ≤60 ——
Weight sound insulation(dB)
Premium Level One Level Two Level Three
Wall between rooms 50 45 40
Rooms and corridors partition walls (with door) 40 35 30
Room wall (with window) 40 35 30 25
Floor parts Weight standard impact sound pressure level(dB)
Premium Level One Level Two Level Three
Room floor slab 55 65 75
Guest rooms with a variety of vibration between floors 55 65
Note:Room in the upper room and floor impact must have good sound insulation, the machine and equipment must be taken isolation measures.