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Restaurant Movable Walls

Movable Partition Wall

Movable walls is specified where functional space delineation is an integral element within the partition project.


Due to the movable partition walls flexibility and cost effectiveness, it allows large rooms to be conveniently sub-divided to maximize space utilization.

Movable partitions wall door mechanism structure.

soundproof partition details
Operable wall material is customed built to suit the specified requirement. Movable partition system can be made from aluminium, gypsum, MDF, melamine-faced particleboard, plasterboard, plastic, PVC, softwood, stainless steel or wood veneer.
acoustic soundproof materials

Structure of Folding Partition Wall:

partition wall materials and structure
glass wool insulation96KG/M3 Owens corning fiberglass
To create a better sound insulation folding partition wall door, we put high density fiberglass inside the partition frame, Sourcing from imported world famous fiberglass brand” Owens Corning” which is the best sound insulation cotton manufacturer.

Sealing rubber technology

soundproofing material

Rubber sealing materials plays an important role in modern sound insulation technology, especially in doors, windows, cars, etc.

  1. Our sealing rubber materials made by high quality EPDM rubber, foam production process.
  2. Have outstanding temperature resistance, optimum hardness and mechanical strength for long lasting sealing results, Ozone resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion properties, Excellent cold and heat resistance (-50 ℃ ~ + 170 ℃), Super elastic, stretched 200% .

Customized for higher sound insulaiton options.

We insert the T-268 Magnesium insulation board into the partition frame.
Estimate insulation dB: 40db
T-268 composite sound insulation panel double side using different density inorganic material, pressed with polymer impedance rubber, sandwich structure high –pressure composite molding, forming a damping constraint structure, which change the raw material resonance frequency and multiple increase material air sound reduction index and structure sound reduction index.
Characteristic: inorganic never burning eco-material. With high strength board and superior sound transmission loss property, it is the high cost-effective best for large area construction use.
sound proofing panels
acoustic materials
Ordinary, we put 2.0mm deadening felt on back of the magnesium board, create a mutual supplement sound insulation environment, and cover some gap the board can’t avoid.
Deadening felt is a kind of high performance high quality and also has an excellent transmission loss of polymer metal sound insulation pad. With 90% high purity fine iron powder ,which not contain halogen renewable polymer as raw material, green environmental protection also not contain asbestos and benzene formaldehyde emission materials which harmful to human body.
NRC of partitions

Additional accessories will include in

operable partition walls

Storage room folding ways

partition wall


acoustic movable wall