Project Description

Acoustic Tiles Diffusor

acoustic panels
Type Acoustic tiles diffusor
Material Rubber solid wood
Finish Varnishes/Mahogany Color
Features 1. Acoustic tiles diffusor is spread through the surface material, real wood internal material sound-absorbing sound pressure is too high to solve corner, uneven sound field.
2. It increases sound pressure of room more than 3dB.
3. Sound reflective diffusor also can solve the problem of room angle of a standing wave.
4. Improve the plumpness of environmental quality.
5. Sound reflective diffusor has a good absorption in low frequency, making the curve and straight.
Size Width:350mm Length:1800mm/2400mm Thickness:350mm
Note Material permitted tolerance: width is 2mm, length of ± 2mm. high 0.5mm
studio acoustic panel

The environmental performance: E1

Application: Opera Houses, Music Hall, auditorium, private theaters, recording studios, HIFI listening rooms, etc.