Project Description

Auditorium Design for Acoustic Requirement

In all stadiums, the vast majority of auditorium design stadium is for comprehensive multi-purposes. In addition to sports competitions and training, it can also use for large-scale theatrical performances, conferences, fashion shows, film screenings and organizing acrobatics, circus performances. It is indeed multi-purpose auditorium. In order to meet the requirements of multi-purpose use of the auditorium design, it needs to do the professional acoustic solutions.
stadium wall acoustics design

The most important feature of the stadium is its large volume, resulting in the long reverberation time in the hall.

  1. the long reverberation time will reduce the acoustic clarity of the hall, to influence the listening of the audience.
  2. the long reverberation time will also cause howl round of the sound-reinforcement system.
  3. the parallel walls and the long sound path in the competition pool will cause flutter echo and multi-echo.
  4. the sound of players’ footsteps and crash will be more intense; it even involved into a strong buzz.
  5. the structures of stadiums are more diversified, because the architects are not satisfied with rectangular design of the past.
  6. The stadiums are circular, elliptical, and polygonal, in an inexhaustible variety.

All these curved walls and vaulted roofs will produce sound focus.

sports architecture level
LevelThe main requirements
Top 1 levelOlympic Games, Asian Games and home to world-class competition
Top 2 levelNational and international individual competitions organized
Top 3 levelOrganizing regional and national individual competition
Top 4 levelOrganize local, mass sports
comprehensive multi-purposes auditorium 500~1000Hz reverberation time
Level of stadiumvolume(m3) reverberation time(s)
>80000 m340000~80000 m3<40000m3
Top 1,2 Level1.71.41.3
Top 3 Level1.91.51.4
Top 4 Level2.11.71.5
Attention:Reverberation time changes from±0.15s.
Swimming Pool competition hall 500~1000Hz reverberation time
Swimming Pool LevelVolume(m3) Reverberation Time(s)
3/Seat>25 m3/Seat
Top 1, 2 Level<2.0<2.5
Top 3, 4 Level<2.5<3.0

The special Gymnasium hall like hockey hall, skating hall, tennis hall and track and field hall can be designed its reverberation time as the swimming competition hall.

Specific Value of Frequency Reverberation Time and 500~1000Hz Reverberation Time
specific value1.0~1.21.0~1.10.9~1.00.8~0.9
Gymnasium hall (room) noise limits
Hall, Room TypeAuditorium Level and NRC
Top 1 and 2 LevelTop 3 and 4 Level
Competition HallNR-35NR-40
VIP LoungeNR-30NR-35
Amplification Control RoomNR-35NR-40
Commentator RoomNR-30NR-30
Amplification Control RoomNR-30NR-30
Stadium Acoustic Design Recommendation
The largest Sound stress(dB)Sound Situation not uniformity(dB)Amplification Control(dB)Frequency(Hz)
Note:It can be changed according to different size of stadium.