Sound Diffuser

Wood Acoustic Panels

small home theater's acoustic diffusor

Feiye can support you in any projects with a custom mineral wool panels and and sound absorption design or our standard details below.

Basic material:

Rubber wood


     QRDD2:      600x600x100        1200x600x100         1800x600x100
     QRDN1:      600x600x100        1200x600x100         1800x600x100
     QRDN4:    1200x540x158        1800x600x158         2400x600x158


E0 Standard Environmental Protection Finishing Varnishes

Scope of application:

Opera Houses, Music Hall, auditorium,private theaters, recoding studios,HIFI listening rooms,etc. With high end indoor sound quality requirements for building acoustic decoration

The characteristic of Diffusion:

  1. Can be hidden among the entire theater audio-visual room of Art and Design
  2. Must achieve synchronization installation and testing acoustic treatment
  3. To avoid acoustic problems coloration sound focusing and standing wave
  4. Environmental friendly with no smell
  5. Easy Installation

The Principle Of Using Diffuser:

Since the the successively reflected acoustic waves in each of the reflective surfaces in the room, and changing its direction of propagation, this enables the indoor any of the waves can be in a position along all directions of propagation of the sound field is knownas the diffuse sound field.The diffuse sound field in the strict sense of the following three conditions must be met:

  1. The indoor acoustic energy density uniform, i.e. the acoustic energy density equal everywhere.
  2. The acoustic energy is equal to the chance of passing in each direction in the room.
  3. In each direction from the indoor to reach any point of the acoustic wave, the phase thereof is irregular. In such a sound field, sonic regardless of position is the direction of propagation is not rigidly brought together,but gradually expanded with the conduct of the propagation and spread out,straight to fill all space and throughout all directions.
  4. Diffusion can not be as the absorber in a space.
  5. Must be large enough compared to the acoustic wavelength, the diffusing surface of diffuser geometry have better diffusion effect.
  6. The large size sound diffuser should be used in the sound diffusive design for low sound diffusion.

diffuser acoustic panel

recording studio design acoustic diffusor

Room Acoustic Treatmentveneer wood baffles reflection of sounddiffusor acoustic panels for redio room

sound baffles project for home theater

diffusor installation for hook

The Installation Groove On The Back

Acoustic Data:


performance coefficient of acoustic baffles


performance coefficient of wall acoustic baffles

sound baffles

performance coefficient of sound baffles

acoustical control baffles

performance coefficient of acoustic baffles


performance coefficient of noise reduction diffusor

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