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Acoustical Baffel


Feiye can support you in any projects with a custom sound absorbing fabric and acoustic design or our standard details below.


           1200x600x50mm             2400x600x50mm
          600x600x50mm             2400x1200x50mm
           1200x600x100mm             2400x600x100mm
          600x600x100mm             2400x1200x100mm

Edge Details:

Right Angle


Aluminum alloy frame on both sides are irregular diamond pattern aluminum surface protection, built-absorption of cotton Owens Corning.

Acoustic Data:

NRC: 1.15

Density: 96kg/m³

Fire Resistance: Class C, The Standard Fire-Resistance Class

Color Options:

  1. London Series
  2. Moscow Series
  3. Milan Series
  4. Newyork Series
  5. Paris Series
  6. Beijing Series
  7. Leather Color Part

Fire Protection Performance: Grade A/B1

Environmental protection: Formaldehyde turn release ≤ 0.4mg / L, to meet the “interior decoration materials and wood-based panels cotton products formaldehyde emission  (GB18580-2001) 24-hour release of glass fiber particles release 0mg/m3 better than the national E1 class standard requirements, the standard limit 0.15mg/m3 standard.

Scope of application: Sound absorbing panels‎ are mainly used as Stadium, large halls, airports , metro statio, Theaters, recording studio or auditorium acoustics and other public places for improvement of the environment.


  1. Cutting-edge 3D design
  2. Easy installation
  3. Light weight
  4. High Sound Absorbing  Funtion


  1. High sound absorption frequency, good effect on sound insulation.
  2. E1 grade Enviromental protection
  3. Fireproof :Grade A
  4. Various kind of finishes and colors for your choice, cloth can be supplied by customers.
  5. Decorative and easy to install, unpolluted by dust, etc.

bass traps with hook

Acoustical Sound Panels on Ceiling

acoustic absorbing panels for gymnasium ceiling

soundproof bass traps for church ceiling

perforated acoustic panel for ceiling

soundproofing aluminum bass traps

the hook for acoustical bass traps accessories for bass traps




Acoustic Data:

Sound Absorber ceiling and wall panelSound Absorber ceiling and wall panel

noise reduction coefficient of Sound Absorber ceiling and wall panel

Sound AbsorbersSound Absorbers

noise reduction coefficient of Sound Absorbers

bass trapsbass traps