Sound Insulation System

Customized for higher sound insulaiton options

1.T-268 composited sound insulation panels

Size: 1210х2430х16mm
T-268 composite sound insulation panels double side using different density inorganic material, pressed with polymer impedance rubber, sandwich structure high –pressure composite molding, forming a damping constraint structure .Which change the raw material resonance frequency and multiple increase material air sound reduction index and structure sound reduction index.
Characteristic: inorganic never burning eco-material. With high strength board and superior sound transmission loss property, it is the high cost-effective best for large area construction use.

2. T-568 metal damping sound insulation panels

Size: 1210х2430х18mm
T-568 metal damping sound insulation panels front and back adapt the different density and thickness inorganic material. The core layer is the soft aluminum metal panel, double polymer damping materials free glue high-pressure composite molding.
The corn layer soft aluminum has an obvious isolation characteristic on high frequency and ultra-high frequency. High density front and back panel has a good sound insulation effect for the low frequency. Double damping constraint structure produces high efficiency on low frequency and ultra-low frequency transmission.

sound deadening insulating materials

noise reduction coefficient of insulation panel


3. Deadening felt

Product DescriptionSize (mm)Weight/roll (KG)Insulation db
Deadening felt (1.2mm)10000х1000х1.22424
Deadening felt (2.0mm)10000х1000х2.04027
Deadening felt (3.0mm)5000х1000х3.03030
soundproofing drywall
acoustic ceiling
  1. Deadening felt is a kind of high performance high quality and also has an excellent transmission loss of polymer metal sound insulation pad. With 90% high purity fine iron powder ,which not contain halogen renewable polymer as raw material,green environmental protection also not contain asbestos and benzene formaldehyde emission materials which harmful to human body.
  2. Deadening felt has a good fire resistance, temperature resistance ,elasticity, flexibility and tensile strength. It can use wallpaper knife or scissor tool to cut, for the architectural acoustics fixing use code nail or agglutination. For the mechanical equipment arrangement can use sheet metal structure with card pin oragglutination. It is a very convenient construction and a confluent material which not limited by the shape, structure and space.
  3.  Is widely used at building industry,home finishing, factory workshops, machine rooms,air compressor space, meeting room, multi-function hall, KTV room, office and car etc.

4. Floor sound and vibration absorption mat

Floor sound and vibration absorption mat

T-1 three layers mat

size: 970х10000х10mm

T-2 single layer mat


  1.  Sound and shock absorption mat is made from 10mm high density polythylene after  nanometer technology. It is a kind of eco-friendly,economical and durable product. It can be used more than 70 years.
  2. The floating building structure of building is created by elasticity of nano-foam, which cut off the effect of solid-borne sound transmission,improve the coincidence effect of upper surface and resistance of sound. Acoustic energy in ears frequency band produces cavity resonance by mini hole of nano-foam,which eliminates the sound energy and reduce the sound and knocking.
  3. Applications: mainly used in KTV,disco,gym,machine room, home theatre, upscale residential discricts and so on where making noise.
soundproof floors
sound reduction room design

5. G-4 Ceiling shock absorber

Size: 100х50х50mm