Project Description

Night Club Acoustic  Design

In order to guarantee the singing quality of ningt club, night club’s acoustic design cannot just rely on high-end sound system, but also make excellent acoustic environment for good stereo system, making good sound level. Night club acoustic design would require the architectural acoustics treatment design throughout night club decoration.

                  Project features and acoustic problems of night club

The problem of tone quality

  1. The capacity of reception room and waiting hall is large, without any architectural acoustics decoration, reverberation time is long, sound muddy, which affects the conversation between customer and receptionist.

  2. If rooms are square with small capacity, it will easy to cause acoustic coloring, vibration and resonance etc.

  3. If the room is arc-shape, concave type, it will easy to cause sound focusing.


  1. The sound insulation performance of the wall between rooms is poor, causing crosstalk phenomenon.

  2. The crash of ground is big, night club emission noise affects the residents’ life and work

  3. The equipment, central air conditioning system, and the ventilation system’s noise is too big(4) If the room reverberation is long with the defect of devise, it will easy to produce the noise, which affect the singer’s listening.

acoustical sounproofing solutions
sound insulation a room

                       T60 calculation formula

T60 calculation formula
Indoor average acoustic coefficient
average acoustic coefficient
V —the capacity of room: m³; S —square meter of rooms: m ²;
α —average coefficient; m —attenuation coefficient in the air(M-1);
S i —some part of rooms’ square meter: m²;α i —coefficient of Si;
N j —the quantity of person and object,m²; α j — coefficient of Ni.

                      Sound quality design

Reverberation time T60 is when the indoor acoustic field reaching steady state, the sound stops, then the time of the sound pressure level decay by 60 dB. It is one of the most important objective evaluation for room acoustics.

Small room designed in 8 – 11 square meter, middle room designed in 15-18 m2, Big room in 24-30m2, extra large room in more than 55 square meter is better. The capacity of rooms is not too large, so according to rooms size, Reverberation time is between 0.5 and 1.0s