Project Description

Polyester Fibre Acoustic Panel

polyester fiber acoustic panel

A. Materials description.

  1. Polyester fibre acoustic panel are made of 100% fiber, after hot-pressed to cotton shape
  2. Polyester acoustic panels use different hot-pressed to reach different density, which make it become an excellent sound absorption and hot insulation product.
  3. 3D wall panels are designed for high acoustic and thermal insulation, ideal for light walls and suspended ceilings.

B. The Acoustic coefficient of polyester acoustic panels:

reverberation time of acoustic materials

C. Product Size

Polyester acoustic panel Standard size is 2420mm x 1220mm. And the size can be customized.
The standard thickness is 9mm and it can be made to be 12mm thickness.

D. Flame retardant characteristic

Polyester fibre acoustic wall panels can reach class B1 flame retardant (same as GB8624 2006 C), the material is solid, flexible, and has good sound absorption and heat insulation.


polyester acoustic panels
polyester fiber acoustic panel