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acoustic materials

Acoustic Board

Deadening felt (1.2mm)10000х1000х1.22424
Deadening felt (2.0mm)10000х1000х2.04027
Deadening felt (3.0mm)5000х1000х3.03030
soundproofing drywall
acoustic ceiling
  1. Acoustic board is a kind of high performance high quality and also has an excellent transmission loss of polymer metal sound insulation pad. With 90% high purity fine iron powder ,which not contain halogen renewable polymer as raw material, green environmental protection also not contain asbestos and benzene formaldehyde emission materials which harmful to human body.
  2. Acoustic board has a good fire resistance, temperature resistance, elasticity, flexibility and tensile strength. Acoustic board can use wallpaper knife or scissor tool to cut, for the architectural acoustics fixing use code nail or agglutination. For the mechanical equipment arrangement can use sheet metal structure with card pin or agglutination. Acoustic board is a very convenient construction and a confluent material which not limited by the shape, structure and space.
  3. Acoustic board is widely used at building industry, home finishing, factory workshops, machine rooms, air compressor space, meeting room, multi-function hall, KTV room, office and car etc.


soundproofing a room