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How to Soundproof a Room for Theater

modern theater  is an integrated place for display of theater, drama, opera, dance, folk art and music. With multifunction purpose, acoustic design is very important for theater.
How to soundproof a room for theater architectural design involves in the structure, shape design, sound design and sound insulation.
The capacity of natural sound theater audience hall
theater usage seats
 drama theater<1000 seats
dance theater<1400 seats
Remark : The capacity of the amplification is not subject to the restriction
theater sound acoustics
Each audience seat capacity should fit to following specifications
Theater Category Seats
Super-huge type above 1601 seats
Large scale type1201~1600 seats
Medium scale type801~1200 seats
Small scale type300~800 seats
The seat capacity calculation is bounded to the curtain line. Volume calculation should also include hood of stage.
This is not suitable for thrust stage and arena stage.
theater usagem3/ seat capacity
 drama theater4.5~7.5
dance play4.0~6.0
The drama theater should not hold above 1200 seats, the opera should not hold above 1800 seats.
theater acoustic design treatment
architectural acoustic
Acoustic quality design for theater.
Reverberation time and frequency characterics ratio
Services Condition125Hz250Hz200Hz4000Hz8000 Hz
Song and dance1.00~1.351.00~1.150.90~1.000.80~1.000.70~1.00
Multipurpose ,meeting
The above use in 600-600 audience hall.
The acoustic quality of Auditorium hall should have a relatively strong sense of strength, clarity and fullness. Audience hall is not allow appearing echo, multi-echo, flutter echo and acoustic focusing and acoustic resonance defects in any position and cannot interference caused by theater equipment and the environmental noise.